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Gua sha and Organic Rosehip Oil Facial Treatment

Gua Sha is an ancient Chinese technique. When used on the face it stimulates collagen production helping to smooth out any imperfections. Combined with warm Rosehip oil you'll leave with a radiant  glow. Relaxing & therapeutically beneficial. 

30 Min $45

Add onto any service 1hr or longer for $40

*New Clients use code "firsttime10" when scheduling online or mention discount in person

Only valid for 1st time clients

*Only valid for 1hr service or longer

Face, Hands & Feet Retreat

Give these areas some much needed focused attention. These areas hold a high concentration of reflex points ready to be released for tension relief.

30 Min $45

60 Min $85

Head. Neck. Shoulders. 

So Straight Forward, geeez!! Tension can easily be built  up in the upper body so treat it well and in return, you will feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders!

30 Min $45
60 Min $85

Rosemary Warm Oil Scalp Massage

Very effective in relieving stress and tension. The warm oil feels amazing while Coconut oil & Rosemary essential oil nourishes the hair & promotes healthy & faster hair growth. ​*Your hair will be coated with oil so you might want to bring a hat for after you leave if it's cold outside!

*Note- Your hair will be wet with oil.

15 Min $25  

30 Min $45​ 

::FOCUSED::  Massages

Basic Foot Massage

Everyone could use a good ole' fashioned foot massage! Especially when treated with hot towels and Aromatherapy...Ahhhhh

15 Min $25
30 Min $40

Foot Reflexology

The ancient art of reflexology has been used to tune up the body for centuries. Nerves stemming from all areas of the body end in your feet, so stimulating specific points in the feet promotes healing to specific areas of the body while inducing a deep state of relaxation and well-being. Helps to unblock stagnate energy pathways throughout the entire body.  Very therapeutic. 


30 Min $45 ​

60 Min $85

Deep Tissue / Trigger Point Therapy

If you have muscle knots and pain, this is for you. As with any massage, toxins are released from your tissues but a deep tissue is particularly effective in releasing built up toxins that may be causing pain in your muscles. Trigger points are tightly contracted points in the muscle fibers that often refer pain to different areas of the body.

$45 30 Min​
$85  60 Min  
$115 90 Min
​$170 120 Min

Hot Stone or Bamboo Massage 

Hot Stones & Bamboo are deeply therapeutic to the muscles. The warmth from these modalities will relax your mind and muscles much faster than traditional massage so you will get more out of your session. Bamboo has an earthy, warm and comforting feel.

$45 30 Min​
$85 60 Min  
$115 90 Min

​$170 120 Min​

ReVitalize Signature Massage

This service is sure to please! Full body massage with Warm Organic Shea butter, Exfoliation, Aromatherapy, Hot towels & Hot Stones or Bamboo for your back….you choose!

30 Min $45​

60 Min $85  
90 Min $115 
​120 Min $170

Swedish (Relaxation) Massage

Full body treatment filled with tranquil massage techniques. This massage will do a great job of loosening the muscles, triggering an all-over sense of well being and relaxation and detoxifying the body.  
30 Min $40
​60 Min $75
90 Min $105
​120 Min $150

Cupping Therapy

Massage Cupping  brings fresh oxygen and blood flow to body tissues, moves deep inflammation to the skin surface for release. It is excellent for draining excess fluids and removing deep toxins while stimulating the lymphatic system.   

​15 Min $25

30 Min $45

Sports Massage

Excellent for before and/or after a sporting event such as running, biking, basketball & football.   Prepares the muscles to give you optimal results during your event and helps to prevent injury. Fast paced massage with lots of stretching.

30 Min $45

60 Min $85

90 Min $115

120 Min $170 

Pregnancy Massage

Mommies to be need massages more than anyone! Take some time out for your aching feet and back while promoting a general sense of well being for you and your baby. You can lie face down safely and sound with our special cushioning system designed specifically for pregnancy massage. 


​30 Min $40

60 Min $75

*Must be past your 1st Trimester​​

What we offer you               New Clients get $10 off first Service!*