Aly Martinez

Massage Therapist

Aly is a nationally licensed massage therapist and a graduate of Cortiva Institute in Chicago. She has obtained a bachelors degree in psychology from UIC and sought out continuing education as a Reiki Level 1 practitioner.  Aly is a firm believer in the power of holistic healing. She enjoys performing all massage modalities.

      Our Most

        Popular Services

  1. Bamboo Deep Tissue Massage (Perfect for getting the knots out)
  2. Revitalize Signature Massage (Indulgent & Relaxing)
  3. Cupping Therapy (Great for detoxifying & moving stagnate old blood)
  4. Foot Reflexology (Intensely Relaxing & Therapeutic)

Jennifer Messer

Founder/Owner - Massage Therapist

She is nationally certified & state licensed and has been performing massage 

for 10 years.  

She has experience working as a clinical therapist in a chiropractic care setting as well as working for high-end luxurious day spas like Mario Tricoci & the Ritz Carlton in Chicago. She specializes in Deep Tissue/Trigger Point work while providing relaxation massage at the same skill level. 

Our Team

Revitalize has mad respect for anything
quality & true in life so naturally we are dedicated to providing superior-quality, therapeutic treatments that go above and beyond your expectations.  We do not skimp in any category.  We realize that you work hard for your money & you should get the most out of what you pay for.

We are proud to say we put our heart and soul into every service we provide.  We are dedicated to providing therapeutic clinical massage as well as relaxation massage & body treatments for a deeply relaxed-blissful state of mind, no matter what service you may choose.

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       Our  one of a kind deep tissue                    massages combine traditional deep  tissue techniques with trigger point  therapy and myofascial release  techniques so you WILL  feel a  difference when you leave and get to  the bottom of your muscular issues!